Technigrow Paris 2017

Welcome to the new edition of TECHNIGROW 2017 !

TECHNIGROW has taken a new direction, which is only for professionals in the sector.
So after three years of being a trade show open for the public, destiny has chosen a new path for Technigrow :
One day in the heart of Paris for the gathering of the year only with professionals in the french market!

What is it for the Growshops?
- Free entrance with food included all day + 2 drinks of choice.
- Free gifts at the entrance ( notebook, pen…)
- Film a short teaser presenting their growshop in Technigrow. All teasers will be original with their shop logo and a short interview about their experience in the show. ( Free of charge)
- Conference for PRO. We will organize conferences about different issues a french growshop can have. Lawyer, accounter will be invited to talk with the growshops owners.

Buy your tickets for the
Technigrow’s Fair