Technigrow Lyon

We are pleased to present TECHNIGROW 2016 , the first showroom in France specialized in the most advanced techniques of cultivation ”indoor”, hydroponic, organic, etc..
Everything about the cultivation of medicinal, aromatic and ornamental plants especially the orchids in wich there are gonna be experts who will share their secrets.

Exhibitors from around the world will gather to present their products and latest news.
Manufacturers, distributors, retailers and of course the best brands in fertilizers, substrates, growing systems, lighting, ventilation, odor treatments, water treatments, accessories, paraphernalia and everything neccesary for the elaborations of urban vegetal gardens and plant walls etc.

The greatest personalities of this sector will attend to share their experience.

The chosen city for this third edition of Technigrow 2016 is Lyon, and the showroom is DoubleMixte.

We are very pleased to invite you to spend a few days in the beautiful city of Lyon.

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Technigrow’s Fair !

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